Tracing Life

The Berlin Museum of Medical History shows an impressive permanent presentation. Along the line of Rudolf Virchow, it takes its visitors on a journey “beneath the skin”.

The tour starts in the early 18th century visiting the Berlin Anatomical Theatre. Via a private anatomical museum the visitors are entering the dissection room of the pathologist, the specimen collection of Berlin’s eminent pathologist Rudolf Virchow, the sphere of the specialised clinic, the laboratories of medical research and—finally—a historical ward reaching the patient’s bedside.

The permanent exhibition covers some 300 years of medical history. It presents central body images and models which medicine at certain times had generated. And it indicates what diagnostic and therapeutic procedures were derived from this thinking and trying without forgetting about the patient’s perspective.

The 2 floors of the permanent presentation are thematically connected by a text-picture-tableau featuring the history of the Charité. Many events and background information are addressed here to lighten and explain the development of this until today highly reputed Berlin university clinic.
Further Information Concerning the Permanent Presentation …
Would you like to get ready for a visit of the permanent presentation of the Berlin Museum for the History of Medicine at the Charité? Or do you want to know more about the details after your visit? We highly recommend our richly illustrated catalogue “Dem Leben auf der Spur” (“Tracing Life”), which can be purchased (together with a cost free brochure covering all major texts in English) at the museum’s counter or via E-mail (