Open House.
The newly renovated Museum of Medical History at the Charité opens its doors.

After more than three years of renovation, our museum is back! Starting June 16, 2023, all interested visitors are invited to take a look behind the scenes: What's new? What has remained? Let us reveal: the building has a new look. Large window showcases protrude from the facade. Transparent, immersive, object-centered - the museum's permanent exhibition offers a fascinating journey to Virchow's world of specimen and through 300 years of medical history. Above all, however, the museum is presenting a major special exhibition at the opening: "The Brain in Science and Art." It deals with one of the greatest mysteries of today's medicine: How is our brain built? How does it function? How do we think? And what help does medicine offer when disorders occur in our neuronal networks? Neuroscientists from the Charité will show what they are currently researching at full speed!


There will be an open house at the opening:

    Special opening hours:
         16.06.2023: 10.00-20.00
         17.06.2023: 10.00-24.00 (incl. Long Night of the Sciences)
         18.06.2023: 10.00-20.00 h
    Admission on all 3 opening days: free!





Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité

The Berlin Museum of Medical History is an institution of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and is located in the former museum building of the Pathological Institute on the traditional grounds of the Charité (Campus Mitte).

The museum’s permanent exhibition “On the Trace of Life” provides a path through medical history over the past 300 years. The presentation follows the ever-changing historical view of and into the body, finally arriving at the “recipient” of medicine, the patient, and the possibilities inherent in today’s medicine. The heart of the museum is still the specimen hall, the core of which goes back to the collecting activities of Rudolf Virchow. Today, there are around 750 pathologic-anatomical wet and dry preparations on display in this area.

In its temporary exhibitions, the museum focuses on different aspects of current medicine and medical history. 

Summary of Services


We offer a variety of guided tours in German or English for an additional fee: an historical introductory tour (10 or more participants), a tour through the permanent exhibition (max. 25 participants), as well as through a temporary exhibition, if there is one on display (max. 25 participants).

We kindly request that appointments for groups and tours be made in advance: museums-fuehrungen@charite.de, Tel. +49 30 450-536122.